10 Ways To Keep Those Resolutions!

With the New Year approaching thinking of the things we didn't do or resolutions we didn't keep tend to weigh heavy on our minds. Luckily the New Year gives us that clean slate feeling,hope and drive to strive for something new,something better,something healthier for ourselves! Whatever your goals or resolutions maybe here are a few tips to help to keep us focused and strong during 2017 journey!

1. Be Grateful:
Supportive friends and family are the real deal when it comes to achieving your goals,of course they won't do the work for you but they will be there for you during the little feats,happy moments,unmotivated,frustrating and sometimes low times. Write down in a journal all the little things that makes them great to you,even if its just a simple text asking "how are you?"

2.Be Proud Of Yourself:
Making the decision to change for the better is the first step and the first thing to be proud of,making changes is a big deal,big or small. We create the life we want,as cliche as that sounds,it is so true! Start by making a list of all the things you accomplished in 2016,took a dream trip? promotion? lost weight? bought a house? ran a marathon? There are so many things that YOU made happen in your life! Seeing that list is a great start to a New Year!

3. Last Years News:
Making peace with our past is a powerful next step in our journey,right after making the decision to change or set positive goals! There are many things we wish we could undo,even from back in 2012 i'm sure. Truth is there is no point in worrying or dwelling on those things now. Unless we want to continue the same behavioral patterns that led us to prior mistakes then dwelling on the past will only replay itself out again in the New Year! LET IT GO! No need to forget but make PEACE with the past!

4. Plan, Plan, Plan:
Of course life is not a concrete plan but we can use a foundation of goals and direction to guide us through the fog of uncertainty. Time management is key,sometimes that means to disconnect from social media. Rest up,plan out your days by the hour,it's amazing what we can accomplish in 24hrs!

5. Don't Compare:
Comparison truly is the thief of all joy! Everyone is on their own journey,even if they have similar goals,or ideals we are all different and trust that there is plenty of room for each person to flourish to fly! Social media can sometimes make us feel as if we're not doing enough or don't have enough or the life we want isn't happening fast enough! Please be mindful that social media is NOT REAL LIFE! Everyone struggles,some people share their struggle and some people don't thats what makes us all different!

We all have that one friend or family member that 'tells it like it is' that is the kind of person we need to be with ourself and ask that friend or family member to help you. Open up about your goals to that person,ask to keep their words constructive but truthful during your journey! But accountability is crucial to goals and change! Punishment is not necessary if we are honest with ourself to begin with!

7.Help Others:
No need to put personal goals or resolutions to help others,we will have many moments of clarity during our journey,it's important that we share those moments and thoughts with others wanting to change as well. Our story with our struggles and solutions is a gift to other people wanting the same in their life! Be honest,don't sugar coat the journey!

                      Just minor things that will keep us strong and motivated in 2017!

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