Contact us...we don't mind...REALLY!

We realize that you can't always attend every farmers market each and every week, but you may have questions about hours, locations, how to become a vendor, whether we'll be having a certain produce, or item at the market, etc... We are always available to answer your questions and/or inquiries via email. We welcome your questions and requests! We receive several comment - questions on facebook, however we don't think it's appropriate to answer your questions in depth via an fb comment. Please email us at Heritagefarmersmarket{at}gmail{dot}com any day, anytime. Our team is small, so please allow us a few days to respond. We appreciate your support and we welcome community input. That's how we stay on top of our game and are informed on what YOU need in your refrigerator and kitchen :) So bring the questions, requests, and comment ON! We're waiting....don't be shy :)

be well,
The Heritage Harvest Certified Farmer's Market Team

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