Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Health Benefits of Olive Oil!

Many people are making the switch to olive oil when cooking and also when dressing up their salads because of the health benefits from Olive Oil! Here a just a few benefits from the little but might olive branch!

-Olive oil is the good kind of fat. It is a monounsaturated fat which is essential for our body. We tend to believe high in fat is unhealthy but actually a diet in highly saturated fat is what makes fat unhealthy! But of course all in moderation when in comes to anything in our daily intake.

-They help control cholesterol and insulin levels in the body.

-Researchers have found that extra virgin olive oil shows signs of improved cognitive function.Simple terms its great for our brain and improves memory!

-The same antioxidants that olive oil has that heals our internal cells may help protect our outer layer.

Side note: Some olive oil might not be 'extra virgin' as it is claimed to be in grocery stores,unfortunately america does not have strict laws regarding labeling certain foods. Your best bet when shopping for olive oil is to purchase from a company specializing in olive oil. 1 bottle can last up to a whole year,nutrient wise not necessarily serving wise! Another tip when buy authentic,extra virgin olive oil be sure the bottle is a dark green bottle,the nutrients and antioxidants can escape when exposed to the sun. Be sure to store the bottle away from direct sunlight as well!

Check out and talk to the olive oil vendor/expert at Fridays Farmers Market,10-2pm at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tips How To Build A Positive Body Image!

We all experience bad body image days,it can sometimes really affect the our mood and also our social life! Here are just a few tips to help build a Positive body image and or help reduce the stress when those feelings are coming on.

1.) Realize that its what's on the inside that counts! As cliche as that may sound it is simple and true! And anyone in your life that chooses to judge you based on looks and not personality is not worth bothering with. In time when little victories are won,like self acceptance,the idea that ALL things can be solved will really ring true!

2.) Know that everyone experiences and feels negatively about their body image at one point or another! We tend to forget that we're ALL human and not perfect!!

3.) Do not compare yourself to anyone else! You are who you are and that great! Confidence goes a looong way!

4.)Smile! Smiling helps release chemicals in our body that increase cell reproduction,meaning it creates more energy throughout the day!

5.) Exercise! It not only helps us feel and become healthier,it also release happy endorphins which makes us feel good!

6.) Make a list! List all of the traits you love about yourself,non body related! There are so many reasons to love you and to love yourself!

7.)Talk to Someone! Being honest with a close friend and or family member about how you're feeling is a great way to release any negative emotions! Sometimes a good cry helps as well. Bottling up negative emotions can cause strain on our health and continue a vicious cycle of self hate.

                                                    Remember,Be Your Own Hero!!
                                       You're One Of A Kind,That's Amazing In Itself!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How To Teach Kids to Read Food Labels...

Lets face it,reading food labels isn't the easiest habit to form which is why its best to teach kids when they're young! Teaching them to read labels at an early age helps them make healthier food choices and also children with food allergies can learn to read what snacks they should avoid. Here are a few ways to help make teaching these habits a bit easier as well as a breakdown of how certain ingredients aren't good for you.


1.) Start by getting two containers of their favorite foods,like two boxes of cereal and compare food labels of sugar and fiber content. Explain how even though sugar can help boost energy too much intake can cause weight gain and effect their teeth.

2.)Be sure to point out the words saturated fat,trans fat and cholesterol on the label of your child's favorite cookies or chips.Explain how these can effect the heart. Play a game,finding which snack has little or none of these on label.

3.) Have them look for the words High Fructose Corn Syrup in the ingredients of their juices,drinks and fruit yogurt. Explain how if high fructose corn syrup is at the top of the ingredients list that means its used the most. Make a game of them finding a juice with none or high fructose corn syrup at the end of the list.


1.) Ask your child to read the serving size of their favorite chips,cookie,juice and as a bit of a science experiment,measure out the exact serving size so they can have a visual of what a serving size looks like and they'll know how much of a snack the should be having. 

2.)Read the amount of calories that your child has in the serving measured out. Compare the calories to the 2,000 calories most people consume in a day. 

3.)Teach them to pick foods with less sodium and explain how little sodium is needed for fuel.

4.) Look at the protein content in food with an explanation of importance of protein for our organs,muscles and blood.

5.) Last but not LEAST teach them that a short ingredient list with ingredients they recognize is more likely to be a healthier choice than a long list of chemicals!! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Time Cooking!

                                                 Tomatoes,Arugula and Feta Pasta Salad!

A quick cold salad is the best go to quick meal and a potluck favorite!
Top that with HEALTHY ingredients and you can't go wrong!


-6oz of uncooked wheat penne pasta
-2 tbsp of olive oil
-1 tbsp of cider vinegar
-1 tbsp of minced garlic
-2 cups chopped tomatoes
-3oz crumbled feta
-2 large handfuls of arugula


Cook pasta according to the directions on the package. Combine all ingredients,except the feta and arugula,in a large mixing bowl. Once cooked,drain and transfer into a large mixing bowl,toss well. Cool pasta in refrigerator for 2-3hr or overnight.Add arugula and feta just before serving.

                                                                 And Enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Health Tips for Women!

In honor of Women's History Month as well as National Woman's Day a list of great health tips for women to read about. Remember knowing your own body and finding what works for you is the BEST thing one can do for themselves. If you're in need of a first step or a reason to get back on track this list can make taking that step a little easier.

Nutrition to ease PMS symptoms:

-Avoid Trans Fat,refined sugar and salt. Sugar worsens mood and salt helps retain water,bloating.
-Cut out caffeine and alcohol. Both have been proven to worsen symptoms during this time.
-Add essential fatty acids to your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids help significantly reduce cramps.
-Limit red meat and egg yolks,as they can cause inflammation. Try to stick to eating veggies,nuts and seeds,it may help with pms symptoms.

Add Fiber to Diet!
Fiber helps with more than just the digestive system,it can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease,stroke and diabetes. Fiber also improves skin and can help with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

-Great sources of fiber include whole grains,wheat cereals,barley,flax seeds,oatmeal,beans,nuts,carrots,celery,tomatoes and fruits such as berries,apples,citrus fruit and pears!
-Replace white rice,bread,pasta with Brown rice,bread,pasta and other whole grain products.
-By regulating your blood sugar levels,fiber can help maintain your body's fat burning capacity and avoid insulin spikes that leave you drained and craving unhealthy foods.

Bone Health!

-Vitamin D. You can get plenty of Vitamin D from 30mins in direct sunlight and or food supplements. Salmon is a great source of vitamin D,shrimp,eggs and cod are other great sources!
-Magnesium. Leafy green vegetables,summer squash,broccoli,halibut,cucumber,green beans,pumpkin seeds,flax seeds,sunflower seeds and sesame seeds all have high amounts of magnesium!
-Calcium. Dairy Products,leafy green vegetables,oatmeal,cabbage,grains,tofu and sea vegetables.

Keeping ourselves healthy and sharing the knowledge to the women around us is a great way to empower and encourage each other to KEEP GOING with any goals we may have big or small!

                                            Happy Women's History Month!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fun Healthy Games For Kids!

Make National Nutrition Month fun with these simple,active games for outdoor play and also a few indoor learning games!

Game: Band-Aid Tag

How the game is played: In this variation, when a child is tagged, he or she places a hand on the spot that was tagged. The child must keep a hand on that spot for the rest of the game. If the child gets tagged a second time, a hand must be placed on the second spot. Now the child has used up all the band-aids. If tagged a third time, the child must go to the "hospital" (the sidelines) and do five jumping jacks to "get well" and rejoin the game.
What the game teaches: Motor skill, agility, and teamwork.

Game: Vegetable/Fruit Tag

How the game is played: When a tagger approaches a child in this game, he or she must squat down and say the name of a vegetable or fruit for protection. If the tagger gets you first, you also become "it."

Game: Tunnel Tag

Tunnel tag is a variation on freeze tag. In freeze tag, kids "freeze" in the position they're in when tagged. In tunnel tag, someone has to crawl through a child's feet to "unfreeze" him or her so they can rejoin the game.

Play the Backyard Matching Game: Go outside with your kids and have them close their eyes, as you fill a paper bag with items from the backyard. Gather pine cones, leaves, rocks, pebbles, flowers, etc. Have your children reach in the bag, pull out an object and hunt for a similar one in your yard. Continue until each item from the bag has a match. 

Make a Nature Notebook
A nature notebook can help your kids keep track of their observations. Spend thirty minutes a day finding interesting things to put in their notebook. They can draw pictures of what they see or take notes.                                           
                                         INDOOR GAMES FOR RAINY DAYS

Game: Scavenger Hunt

Number of kids: 1 to 4 (more if you are playing outside).
What the game teaches: Problem-solving, teamwork.
How the game is played: Gather some easily recognizable objects and hide them around a couple rooms of the house. Give each child a list of items to look for and clues to help them find the objects.
Also check out these fun online learning games at: 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March is National Nutrition Month!

We're excited about National Nutrition Month! There are tons of ideas,tips,facts,recipes and activities out there on the web that can make national nutrition month last all year round! Here are some favorite tips to help bite into a healthy lifestyle!

-Hide your weakness.
  If you see it you will eat it. If you don't see it,you will still eat it-but not so much. Keeping our favorite snacks,soft drinks or junk food around,especially in plain site enables cravings. Not having them around wont necessarily stop the cravings but it will be out of site out of mind,as in out of mouth.

-Boost flavor.
  Trick the mind into feeling of like it's indulging by adding herbs and sodium free spices to your everyday meals. A recent study shows,adults who dressed up meals with spices consumed 1000 mg less of their regular daily sodium intake. (that's more salt than 5 bags of doritos!)

-Set reminders about health eating.
  In this day and age with so much going on in work life,real life,social media life etc its easy to forget and lose focus on personal goals....like healthy eating. Thanks to the magic of technology we can set timers,reminders,text,emails to ourselves as friendly reminders to stay on track!

-Always eat breakfast.
   Skipping breakfast not only slows down the metabolism but also makes you even more hungry by the afternoon,leading to bingeing and or constant snacking (most likely not healthy snacking either) So every morning allow enough time to have breakfast,the feeling of feeling full is more effective when meals are given time to taste and register in the brain that the stomach is full.

-Get enough sleep.
  ZZZZzzzzzz,get plenty of it! Enough rest keeps our minds sharp and clear! When we're tired we snack on sugary foods to help keep us "awake" so having enough keeps us from being dependent on junk food.

            Stay tuned for even more tips.facts and recipes on healthy eating during    
                                         National Nutrition Month and every month!