Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Developing Healthy Habits for Kids!

Helping children develop healthy habits will have a very beneficial effect that can last a lifetime!
Here are some tips to help making those new adjustments into positive habits!

-Keep things positive. Kids normally don't respond well to words like "no" and "I can't" so try saying all the things they can do and eat. Praise success,this will help build a good body image.

-Make a game out of reading labels. Finding the ingredients and the terms that are healthy to eat compared to the ingredients that are not,can help them stay conscious of what it is that they're eating and make healthy decisions even when not at home.

-Limit TV,Computer and Video Game time. Lengthy periods of time in a zoned out state increases snacking. Shoot for a 2hrs a day max and by not rewarding more tv time for a job well done,reward in other ways.

-Be a role model,making healthy choices for yourself will be noticed by the kids. It will send a positive message and let them know that you,yourself,take health seriously.

-Be active,make physical activity a priority for the whole family. Try many different activities and see which one is liked the most.

-Stay involved,teach them how to read BMI and cholesterol levels and begin monitoring them and talk about family health issues,make family outings to farmers markets and local farms etc.

                                      Remember,Healthy Living Can Be Fun! Live Healthy Ever After!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year Motivation Tips!

We've all done it,jumped on the healthy band wagon at the beginning of the New Year! Sometimes easy to start but hard to stick with! Here are some tips to motivate us to start and stick with it!

-Set small measurable goals.Try adding leafy greens to two meals a day and five servings of fruits/veggies and of course drink more water!

-Try new foods. Sticking to the same healthy meal will get boring after a while. Search for new recipes online,cookbook,magazines. There are so many out there! I personally like to follow healthy foodies on instagram and try their recipes or i'll find a new favorite veggie,spice etc and look up recipes that use them.

-Write it all down! Write down goals,feelings,exercise and food. It really helps keep track of everything and lets us check in with ourselves.

-Get enough sleep. Sleep and rest is key for sticking to goals. It keeps our energy levels up and makes forming habits more easier when our sleep is on a schedule!

-Keep healthy food choices on hand and stocked. Waiting til we're down to one apple makes it that much easier to reach for the chips in the pantry. Making the weekly trip to the local farmers market will be habit thats actually fun!

-Plan ahead. Grab a healthy snack for the road if you'll be out of the house for a few hours,that keeps the metabolism going and keeps you from feeling starved before the next meal. If you'll be going out to eat,try looking up the menu online beforehand so that you can make the healthier choice when at the restaurant.

-Team up. Find friends and family members that have the same goals as you. Having a support system is great to lean on when it feels like sabotage is around every corner.

- Don't get down on yourself. Slip ups happen,its life. Don't let set backs derail the goals you've set,move on and keep going!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Roasted Tomato with Feta and ChickpeasSalad

This recipe seems complicated but its actually a really simple recipe and very delicious!
 8 cups of cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper
4 unpeeled garlic cloves
10 Thyme sprigs
1 pound of can chickpeas,rinsed and drained
1/2 cup of crumbled feta

1.Preheat 425f
2.line a cookie tray with aluminum foil
3.mix tomatoes with olive oil,salt and pepper,garlic cloves and thyme.
4.spread the mix on the cookie sheet and roast for 40mins.
5.In a bowl mix feta and chickpeas together.
6.remove the thyme sprigs and mix the leaves with the chickpeas and feta and squeeze out the roasted garlic cloves.
7.add roasted tomatoes with the juices,mix and sprinkle the salt/pepper to taste.
8. Serve over a bed of Arugula

and ENJOY!! 
Extremely delicious and healthy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 Great Ways to Cook KALE!

Many people hear about the amazing benefits of Kale but not everyone knows the many ways of cooking kale so here are just a few simple ways to eat and enjoy kale!

-Kale Chips,there are some really delicious recipes out there online for this simple and tasty snack!

-Kale Quiche,by substituting spinach with kale,same great taste and even more health benefits.

-Kale Juice,one of the healthiest ways to eat kale is by juicing it,if you own a juicer just mix the kale with a few apples,lemon and carrots for a sweet and healthy treat.

-Kale slaw,another substitute recipe,just replace the raw cabbage with raw kale.

-Sauteed Kale,saute yellow onions and garlic before adding the kale. Perfect for a hearty side dish!

-Kale pizza,sauteed kale with caramelized onions,strong white cheeses and bacon *optional*

-Kale pesto,just as delicious as basil,perfect for any pizza or omelette!

These are just a few of the possibilities,feel free to share with us your favorite Kale recipe!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Grinch Poppers

I stumbled across this extremely simple holiday snack for the kids!

You'll need:
   -Tooth Picks
   -Green Grapes
   -Chocolate bar
   -String cheese


    Slice the bottom of the grapes to where they can stand upright.
Melt the chocolate bar,dip a tooth pick and draw a grinch face onto the grapes,let them cool.
Slice the bananas for the base of the santa hat,slice just the tops of the strawberries and shape the string cheese into round pieces for the tops of the santa hat.
Stack the grapes,banana,strawberry and sting cheese then run a toothpick through them to keep them together and serve!

Healthy,simple and fun make this the perfect holiday snack!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Orange Clove Tea

          Need a little warm pick me up for this chilly weather? Try this guilt free Holiday treat!

Orange Clove Tea 

Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Makes 2 cups of tea

2 cups of water  
Peel from half an orange
3-4 Spice Cloves 
1 black tea bag  
Sugar or stevia to taste (optional)
    1. Bring water to boil in small pot.
    2. Turn fire to low. With your fingers, crush the round into a powder, and add to the water. 
    Add clove stems and orange peels to water as well. Cover and let simmer for 15-20 minutes. 
    3. Turn fire off. Add tea bag into pot. When tea is ready (dark orange color), pour through fine strainer into two mugs.
      -A very thin, oily layer will appear on the surface of the tea. That’s the clove oil and orange oil, which provide you with many wonderful health benefits. 
      -Wash orange peels thoroughly under warm water before adding it to the pot. 

      Tuesday, December 2, 2014

      Fight Holiday Stress!


      The Holidays,the most wonderful time of the year but we always don't feel so wonderful during all the hustle and bustle of the season,here are a few tips to keep healthy and happy this year!
                -Eat more citrus,not only does it boost the immune system the scent is known to have amazing health benefits as well. The scent of citrus can alleviate stress,so for an all day pick me up try keeping lemon or orange oils nearby.
                -Walking,a great way to reduce anxiety,improves sleep and wellness.
                -Take the time to breathe,it maybe hard to do at time but really taking the time to stop and focus on your breathing as well as reminding ourselves that the world will NOT end if something doesn't get done.
                -Meal prep,snacks or meals its best to think and pack ahead of time,saves on time as well as gives us the chance to make health food choices while on the go.
                -Honey,a spoonful of honey is an instant energy booster,organic locally grown honey has the highest health benefits for our bodies.
                -Breakfast,eating breakfast regularly keeps energy,alertness and our immune system up.PS coffee does not count as breakfast! (But it pairs well with it)
                -Sunlight,a wonderful source of vitamin D and an all natural mood booster! Taking walks in the sunshine or sitting in a sunny window while working is just one a few ways to get your daily intake of sunlight!

                                              Stay HEALTHY and HAPPY this Holiday season!