Fun Healthy Games For Kids!

Make National Nutrition Month fun with these simple,active games for outdoor play and also a few indoor learning games!

Game: Band-Aid Tag

How the game is played: In this variation, when a child is tagged, he or she places a hand on the spot that was tagged. The child must keep a hand on that spot for the rest of the game. If the child gets tagged a second time, a hand must be placed on the second spot. Now the child has used up all the band-aids. If tagged a third time, the child must go to the "hospital" (the sidelines) and do five jumping jacks to "get well" and rejoin the game.
What the game teaches: Motor skill, agility, and teamwork.

Game: Vegetable/Fruit Tag

How the game is played: When a tagger approaches a child in this game, he or she must squat down and say the name of a vegetable or fruit for protection. If the tagger gets you first, you also become "it."

Game: Tunnel Tag

Tunnel tag is a variation on freeze tag. In freeze tag, kids "freeze" in the position they're in when tagged. In tunnel tag, someone has to crawl through a child's feet to "unfreeze" him or her so they can rejoin the game.

Play the Backyard Matching Game: Go outside with your kids and have them close their eyes, as you fill a paper bag with items from the backyard. Gather pine cones, leaves, rocks, pebbles, flowers, etc. Have your children reach in the bag, pull out an object and hunt for a similar one in your yard. Continue until each item from the bag has a match. 

Make a Nature Notebook
A nature notebook can help your kids keep track of their observations. Spend thirty minutes a day finding interesting things to put in their notebook. They can draw pictures of what they see or take notes.                                           
                                         INDOOR GAMES FOR RAINY DAYS

Game: Scavenger Hunt

Number of kids: 1 to 4 (more if you are playing outside).
What the game teaches: Problem-solving, teamwork.
How the game is played: Gather some easily recognizable objects and hide them around a couple rooms of the house. Give each child a list of items to look for and clues to help them find the objects.
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