Health Tips for Women!

In honor of Women's History Month as well as National Woman's Day a list of great health tips for women to read about. Remember knowing your own body and finding what works for you is the BEST thing one can do for themselves. If you're in need of a first step or a reason to get back on track this list can make taking that step a little easier.

Nutrition to ease PMS symptoms:

-Avoid Trans Fat,refined sugar and salt. Sugar worsens mood and salt helps retain water,bloating.
-Cut out caffeine and alcohol. Both have been proven to worsen symptoms during this time.
-Add essential fatty acids to your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids help significantly reduce cramps.
-Limit red meat and egg yolks,as they can cause inflammation. Try to stick to eating veggies,nuts and seeds,it may help with pms symptoms.

Add Fiber to Diet!
Fiber helps with more than just the digestive system,it can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease,stroke and diabetes. Fiber also improves skin and can help with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

-Great sources of fiber include whole grains,wheat cereals,barley,flax seeds,oatmeal,beans,nuts,carrots,celery,tomatoes and fruits such as berries,apples,citrus fruit and pears!
-Replace white rice,bread,pasta with Brown rice,bread,pasta and other whole grain products.
-By regulating your blood sugar levels,fiber can help maintain your body's fat burning capacity and avoid insulin spikes that leave you drained and craving unhealthy foods.

Bone Health!

-Vitamin D. You can get plenty of Vitamin D from 30mins in direct sunlight and or food supplements. Salmon is a great source of vitamin D,shrimp,eggs and cod are other great sources!
-Magnesium. Leafy green vegetables,summer squash,broccoli,halibut,cucumber,green beans,pumpkin seeds,flax seeds,sunflower seeds and sesame seeds all have high amounts of magnesium!
-Calcium. Dairy Products,leafy green vegetables,oatmeal,cabbage,grains,tofu and sea vegetables.

Keeping ourselves healthy and sharing the knowledge to the women around us is a great way to empower and encourage each other to KEEP GOING with any goals we may have big or small!

                                            Happy Women's History Month!!

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