March is National Nutrition Month!

We're excited about National Nutrition Month! There are tons of ideas,tips,facts,recipes and activities out there on the web that can make national nutrition month last all year round! Here are some favorite tips to help bite into a healthy lifestyle!

-Hide your weakness.
  If you see it you will eat it. If you don't see it,you will still eat it-but not so much. Keeping our favorite snacks,soft drinks or junk food around,especially in plain site enables cravings. Not having them around wont necessarily stop the cravings but it will be out of site out of mind,as in out of mouth.

-Boost flavor.
  Trick the mind into feeling of like it's indulging by adding herbs and sodium free spices to your everyday meals. A recent study shows,adults who dressed up meals with spices consumed 1000 mg less of their regular daily sodium intake. (that's more salt than 5 bags of doritos!)

-Set reminders about health eating.
  In this day and age with so much going on in work life,real life,social media life etc its easy to forget and lose focus on personal healthy eating. Thanks to the magic of technology we can set timers,reminders,text,emails to ourselves as friendly reminders to stay on track!

-Always eat breakfast.
   Skipping breakfast not only slows down the metabolism but also makes you even more hungry by the afternoon,leading to bingeing and or constant snacking (most likely not healthy snacking either) So every morning allow enough time to have breakfast,the feeling of feeling full is more effective when meals are given time to taste and register in the brain that the stomach is full.

-Get enough sleep.
  ZZZZzzzzzz,get plenty of it! Enough rest keeps our minds sharp and clear! When we're tired we snack on sugary foods to help keep us "awake" so having enough keeps us from being dependent on junk food.

            Stay tuned for even more tips.facts and recipes on healthy eating during    
                                         National Nutrition Month and every month!


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