Wellness in Fall

Why wait for New Years to get back into healthy habits? Fall is the perfect time to create and learn new health routines! The kids are in school,the weather is cool,crisp and fall foliage is beautiful!

1.Brisk morning walks will get your heart rate up,even minor activities like raking leaves help!
 2. Watch TV and exercise! Many people love fall for the new fall television line up,kill two birds with one stone by working out while you watch. If you like to focus on one thing at a time,let watching TV be the incentive,allow yourself your tv time only if you've reached your exercise goal for the day!
3.The veggie and fruit selection is in abundance during the Fall season!! Soo many new and delicious recipes,from soups to casseroles!
4.The time change! Your body will be tired earlier in the evening which allows you to fall asleep faster and longer! That alone does wonders for your health!
5.Learn to ski when the snow falls or play a sport at the beach (it's less crowed during this time of season)

            There are so many ways and reasons to enjoy a healthy routine during the season!
                                       By this time next year you'll be a pro! Have fun!

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