It's cold and flu season!

We all know the obvious ways to try and avoid the flu during cold and flu season,stay clear from people that are sick and wash your hands often etc but since food is medicine it's best to boost our immune systems with our diet as well!
 •4 servings of whole grains and salamon as well help build a strong immune system.
 • 2 meals containing at least one vitamin C rich food (spinach,cantaloupe and berries) is another way to build strength for your immune system and can reduce a cold but a day and a half!
 • Green tea can soothe a sorr throat and clear sinuses and also has been proven to reduce the risk of death from pneumonia. (If one were to have pneumonia already)
 •Yogurt also adds a daily dose of immune supporting probiotics!

     Beat the cold and flu season this year by making healthy foods your best friend!!

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