Replace Salt with Herbs!

Many of us are looking to cut back on certain things in our diet,sugar,starches and processed food (junk food) but another ingredient found in our favorite dishes that can,when consumed often,lead and or contribute to health issues,is SALT.
So if you're a lover of the salt,here are some Delicious herbs with bold flavors that can easily help replace salt and help reduce your salt intake! Bold flavors=less salt.

Basil- This little green guy can be liven up any salad,pizza,sandwiches and pastas!

Pairs perfectly with vegetables and chicken with a really bold flavor. Use sparingly,to say that its bold is a bit of a understatement.

Chives- We all tend to sprinkle salt over our potatoes,soups and meats but try chopping up some Chives,so tasty,not to mention it has some powerful antioxidants and again the more flavor thats tasted in a meal the less likely we'll need to use salt.

Dill- This powerful little herb is a seafood dish' best friend so DILL with it! haha

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flavorful herbs!

                                             What are some of your favorite and bold herbs??

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