Energy Boosting Breakfast Ideas...

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day,it sets the tone for the remainder of our day. If we begin everyday with a protein rich meal we're more likely to stay energized as well as choose healthier meal options,aka no more snacking on junk food or at least significantly reduce the craving to snack!

Here are some quick and easy energy boosting breakfast ideas:

-Cinnamon Cottage Cheese with Sliced Apple
3/4 cup of cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon over diced apples. Delicious,quick and contains over 25g of protien!! wow!

-Quinoa Yogurt Parfait
 Quinoa is a whole grain with one of the highest protein content,so it works perfectly with a energy boost breakfast! Layer a 1/2 of cup of quinoa with 6oz of nonfat yogurt and a chopped apple,topped with cinnamon for a sweeter taste! This small but mighty meal has 20g of protien!

-Breakfast BLT
Whole grain english muffin,each slice topped with low fat mayo,canadian bacon (or turkey bacon) plenty of lettuce and a slice of tomato! That's 16g of protein in that little breakfast sandwich!

-Spinach Cheese Eggs Scramble
Saute three handfuls of spinach,then add a whole egg mixed with 2 egg whites. Sprinkle with cheese and scramble away! Pairs nicely with a half of grapefruit! 29g of protein

                 What are some of your favorite energy boosting breakfast tips?

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