How Bout' Them Apples!?

Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts!

Want to bake the ultimate "fancy" holiday dessert without needing the fancy baking skills?? As in,it's one of the simplest recipes i've come across! You'll have to bake yourself a batch of these gorgeous Apple Roses!!

2 Puff Pastry Sheets
1/4 cup of Cream Cheese
3 tbsp of Sugar
1 Pink Apple
1 tbsp of Lemon Juice
3 tbsp of Water

Take out the core of the apple and thinly slice the apple.
Combine the apple slices with lemon juice and water in a bowl,then microwave for 3 minutes.
Cool the bowl with ice water to be able to lay out the apple slices. Pat off excess moisture and set aside.
Roll out the puff pastry into 4 evenly pieces.
Spread cream cheese onto puff pastry and sprinkle sugar over the already spread cream cheese.
Arrange the apple slices across the puff pastry,slightly overlapping the apple slices and sprinkle cinnamon over the layered apples.
Fold puff pastry in half lengthwise and roll and place into greased muffin baking trays.
Bake for 40 mins at 375 degrees

Cool off and sprinkle powdered sugar *optional*

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