Most Asked Questions at The Farmers Market!

A Farmers Market is a great place in the community to meet many different types of people every week,many of which ask all types of questions about the market! From the hours of operation,to specific questions about the farms and produce! No question is too small or big to be asked! Here are a few common questions we get asked frequently!


Q: Is the Farmers Market open every friday?
A: Yes! every friday,all year round,rain or shine (unless severe rain and wind as well as the day after Thanksgiving)

Q: What are the hours?
A: 10AM-2PM

Q:Do you accept EBT?
A: Yes! We gladly accept EBT! only in the farm section. ex: Veggies,fruit,eggs,honey,succulents,live herbs and beef!

Q: Are all the farmers organic?
A: Many farmers if not all small farms,use organic farming practices but to become 'Certified Organic' costs thousands of dollars! Which many small local farms can not afford. We always encourage talking with each farmer about their practices or about anything relating to their produce and getting to know them,you'll find that many of them really do enjoy discussing their product because they take pride in their Farm because it is their lively hood!

Q:Are all the farms local?
A: Yes! Many of the farmers at Victoria's Farmers Market grow their produce within 50 miles of the market! But by definition of locally grown it's within a 150 mile radius.

Q: Why is it that some farmers market prices are more expensive than the grocery store?
A: We have to remember with big chain grocery stores they contract large farms,many hundreds of miles if not thousands of miles away from the actual place they are sold,so most large farms have to meet a quantity quota not necessarily a quality quota! With a small and local farm,they focus on quality of their product seeing as that is the only way their customers will continue buying their product every week!

Q: Is this (produce) fresh?
A: Yep! Once you start shopping from your local farmers market you'll see and taste the difference in your food! Another indication of fresh and organic produce is,it tends to spoil quickly,even though we get used to buying carrots that can sit in a crisper for weeks unphased,it is a strange thought to consume produce that doesn't rot. Makes me wonder how 'organic' produce in a grocery store keeps their produce fresh when its traveled a long way for several days! So real organic produce will rot quickly which only encourages us to eat our fruit and veggies often,which is great for our health and our wallets!

Q:Buying locally grown produce,is it really better for me?
A: Absolutely,better for our health and for our environment! Our carbon footprint will be drastically lower and it keeps revenue circulating in our own community! For instance,honey is a natural remedy to help elivate allergy symptoms,when honey is grown locally its been made from bees that have pollinated with local pollens,meaning it's going to help with the allergies that are caused by the flowers etc that are around you!

Q: How can I become a vendor at Victoria's Farmers Market?
A: Depending on what you would like to sell,you can fill out the online application,non-farm vendor or farm vendor,both applications are here on the website!

We appreciate everyones continued support and interest in Victoria's Farmers Market at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga as well as our seasonal Farmers Market (every wednesday 5-9pm until august) at the Ontario Town Center in the City of Ontario!
We'll see ya at the Farmers Market!!

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