Why Shop at a Farmers Market?

Sometimes we get distracted by the convience of grocery stores that we forget about our local farmers and business owners! Here a few great reasons to bring the whole family out for a day/evening of shopping at your local Farmers Market!

-Buying locally grown food ensures great tasting and healthier produce! Most food found in a large chain grocery store sells food thats been grown in other states or countries! Imagine the kind of mileage! That can't be the freshest tasting produce considering its grown for shelf life not the taste!

-Getting to know your farmer is probably one of the most simplest and effective way of getting to know your body and health. Sourcing the meals and snacks we eat and feed to our families makes a world of difference when it comes to our health! 

-Purchasing from our local farmers and business owners means cutting out the middle man,meaning no resell prices! Also it is financially beneficial to our community! Keeping the cash flow within our local merchants helps us thrive,sustain and build a strong community.

-Kids love Farmers Markets! Shopping with the kiddos is an inexpensive way to take them on a learning adventure! Counting money,identifying different fruits and veggies as well as social skills with other kids or adults! A real hands on way of having fun while learning! 

-Mindless exercise! Walking the Farmers Market is a great way to get moving! This is exercise without a membership! 

Minor steps towards a healthier way of living is what its all about! Check for your local Farmers Market for the day/date/time and get to know your local farmer! 

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