Staying Healthy During Summer Vacation!

Summer is here! With the long sunny days and packed schedules of fun plans we tend to start skipping out on exercise regimens and healthy meals! Here are a few tips to keep us mindful of our health during the fun days of summer!

Plan Ahead: Pack proper clothes,sunscreen and shoes used to workout. Map out local spots to eat,try to avoid chains,they tend to not offer many healthy options,bike routes,walking trails,side walks or if you belong to a popular gym,look up locations. Many hotels also offer an onsite gym!

Keep it Fun: Book a bike tour,surf lessons,yoga classes. Kids love to be busy and it also sets a great example for them,to see you staying committed to your health.

Schedule Times: If traveling with small children that can make the workout a bit distracting,plan a set time to maybe switch off watching the kids with your spouse to make time to get a workout in,even if its minimal.

Balance: It all comes down to balance,staying active without over working yourself,treating yourself without over doing it. And of course plenty of water and rest! Don't take a vacation from your health habits this summer and remember summer is the season when daylight is on our side!

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