National Farmers Market Week!

                                It's NATIONAL FARMERS MARKET WEEK! Aug 3rd-9th 2014

Hopefully rounding up the family for a fun shopping trip to your local Farmers Market!
There are thousands of reasons to shop your local Farmers Market and in a country where we recognize celebrities and shiny things its nice to have a whole WEEK dedicated to Farmers Markets! Hopefully one day it will be recognized 365 days a year!

"Farmers markets connect and unite people living in urban and rural environments, provide access to fresh, healthy and delicious foods, and—best of all—put a face to the farmers and ranchers who produce their wonderful wares. We, in turn, can support farmers and local communities with our purchases"-USDA

Not only do we connect with our community through Farmers Markets but its the best way to educate children about nutrition and gives a real hands on lesson about where their food comes from! When fruits and veggies are diced and ready to eat in a nice package(right off a shelf)its hard to show the value of what exactly it took to grow them but introducing not just our children but ourselves as well,to fresh (just picked this morning) fruits and veggies is a wonderful reminder of how important it is to take care of the land that ultimately provides for us!

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  1. I had a lot of fun during National Farmers Market Week. I got pounds of delicious produce and mingled with our local growers. Whenever the farmers market is open, that is where I buy my fruits and vegetables.