Healthy Mind and Body

Having a healthy mind is the foundation of life,it's what makes life more rich and fulfilling,even in stressful times in life its always best to 'check in' with yourself mentally. Everyones healthy looks different than someone else's.

Reducing stress not only keeps our bodies healthy but our minds too! 
   -Meditation daily is a significant stress reliever,keeping a journal is a form of meditation,if sitting still gets a bit boring.
   -Physical exercise is another significant stress reliever,a daily 20min walk or light jog,makes ALL the difference,especially when it becomes a habit!
   -Be Social,social networks can isolate us in the world of technology but a healthy group of friends that encourage us to put the phone down and turn off the computer is the perfect way to laugh and share common experiences. 
   -Eat Healthy,eating the right kinds of food such as fruits,veggies and lean meats really boost our energy and our metabolisms,helping us burn fat efficiently. Basically keeps our body operating  correctly.
  -Challenging ourselves is a really great and FUN way to keep our minds healthy,wether its learning a new language,instrument or dance classes. 

Simple and easy ways to better improve the quality of life can only make for positive changes.

                       "A great life doesn't happen by chance it comes from CHANGE."

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