Why Shop Farmers Markets?

In the last ten years Local Farmers Markets have doubled,making it that much more easier for us to have access to healthy and locally grown food! There are still a few that need some convincing or simple facts to make the switch from shopping a supermarket to a Farmers Market! Knowledge is power and we as consumers have the power to change anything, and that is pretty amazing!

-To many people a Farmers Market is where most people start when they take on a healthy New Years Resolution,shopping local produce seems to be a glimmer of hope for a new healthy habit! Creating a Community Around Healthy Food!

-It's a bit of a nostalgic place,since the beginning of civilization has built communities around buying,trading and selling food and other local goods! If it ain't broke why fix it?

-Farmers Markets are really the forefront of the 'Real Food' movement and revolution! We as consumers have the right to know where our food comes from and what is in our food,with more and more secrecy surrounding the industrialized production of food shopping a Farmers Market cuts out the middle man!

-City Meets Country,living in the suburbs or city we tend to be a little disconnected from the rural areas of our community,local Farmers live in those areas and when they drive into town for the Farmers Market we bridge the distance and pulling in those surrounding areas closer to us. Keeping our community tight knit!

-The Enviroment Thanks Us!,shopping local keeps our fossil fuels lowered when food and consumers travel a shorter distance.

-When Spending: When we spend a dollar at the Farmers Market we are ensuring that he or she will be getting 80 to 90 cents of every dollar we spend,strengthening local economy and also keeping our land thriving without it being sprawled with housing and shopping centers!

-Lastly,why not try shopping like a fancy character in a classic parisian movie!? Fresh Bread,fruit,veggies,flowers,honey,baked goods,jams,nuts etc soo much good stuff to shop from!

                                        Let's Make 2017 The Year of The Farmers Markets!!

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