Brussel Sprouts,The Impressive Appetizer!

I've always been a big fan of brussel sprouts but recently had a dish that paired it with a creamy goat over! It was so delicious that I had to make it at home and share this recipe! 

This recipe took me no time to prep and cook and has minimal ingredients! 


-olive oil

-2 Handfuls of Brussel Sprouts

-Goat Cheese

-Pecans (optional)

-Caramelized Onions (optional)

-2 tsp of water+1 tsp of Honey combined

-Salt and Pepper


In a large skillet,heat over medium/low heat. Wash and remove outer leaves from sprouts. Cut off ends of sprouts and cut into halves. Add sprouts to oil and season with salt and pepper,cook until caramelized,about 15 mins. Turn over and cook for another 10 mins,add water and honey combination then let cook over skillet for another 5 mins. Add Goat cheese,pecans and caramelized onions and serve immediately! 

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