Cooking With Cactus!

This kind of cactus is not the decor kind but the kind you can eat! Cactus is a great alternative to a meaty bite if you're trying to cut back on your weekly meat intake! 
First things first,when preparing cactus to cook you must clean and strip it of its spines!! There are different techniques to cleaning and removing the spines,check online first to see which way you'd feel most comfortable with.

This recipe is so simple and delicious and can last for days as leftovers if made in a large batch! 
Ingredients: 1 lb of nopales
olive oil
2 large garlic cloves minced
1/2 red onion diced
1 jalepeno stem,seeds and stem removed,chopped
1 medium tomato roughly chopped
salt and pepper

Heat a tablespoon of olive oil,enough to coat the bottom of a pan in a large saute pan. Add red onion,garlic and jalepeno. Cook for a minute and stir occasionally then add the nopales,cactus.Cook for several more minutes then add the tomato and cook until vegetables are cooked all the way through and season with salt and pepper!
                                                         Serve immediately and enjoy!! 

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