The Benefits of being a Part-Time Vegetarian!

Making the decision to become vegan or vegetarian is a big commitment for many people but did you know that there is such a thing as a part time vegan and vegetarian!? The minor changes to make to our diet have amazing benefits for our health,cost and the environment! It's all a win win situation! Cutting back on meat and dairy products for just two days out of the week can lower the risk of heart disease and cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) Cutting back on our meat intake,eggs and dairy products also reduce our carbon footprint,in a BIG way! Not to mention the cost of meat to feed an entire family can be expensive but replacing the meat with veggies can dramatically lower the cost of your grocery bill!

There's a great read up on about becoming a part-time vegan! Little changes can add up to a positive impact in our daily routines! 

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