Cauliflower...The Versatile Veggie!

This may be old news or new news to some but did you know how many things you can use cauliflower as a healthy low carb substitute for many amazing dishes??

This magical vegetable can be made into fried rice,pizza crushed,mashed potatoes even cream sauce!! Its creamy texture when steamed and blended is perfect to turn into any cream,once baked or friend can be grated and served as a rice substitute!

Besides reducing the carb and fat intake,cauliflower has many nutritional benefits! Just one serving size is almost the daily intake of vitamin C. Cauliflower is also high in fiber and vitamin B6 and omega 3,also people with diabetes or anyone trying to regulate their blood sugar levels are in luck because cauliflower is on the low glycemic index!

So the next time you pass this little white cloud of awesomeness at your local Farmers Market,just remember the endless possibilities you cook with cauliflower and its nutritional benefits!

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  1. Cauliflower cream sauce... that sounds delicious! I would love to try out some new stuff with these cute vegetables.