Health Tips for a Happy Holiday!

Christmas is a couple days away! Are you ready?? Between the crazy drivers and waiting in those long lines,this time of year can get very stressful for many of us! Here are a few tips to alleviate the wear and tear on our mind and bodies!

Wrapping Gifts-Wrapping gifts are my personal favorite thing on my christmas to do list and for some its the least favorite,either way it can be a real pain in the back! Try not to wrap your gifts on the floor,best way to minimize the strain on your back is to wrap standing up at a counter top,about waist level.

Peppermint!-Indulge in that candy cane hanging on your tree! Candy canes made with REAL peppermint oil (check the ingredients on the box) can be a great way to mellow out,peppermint oil is known to have a calming effect!

Brighten Up-With the winter solstice,days are shorter and the lack of sun can make us feel a little gloomy. Try to brighten up your household,light candles,turn on those xmas lights,light your fireplace and turn on any other household lamps to keep your mind awake and cheery!

Snooze often-Any chance you can,REST! Even if its a 20min nap,that alone will help with the feeling of being overwhelmed with any last minute shopping and to do lists!

Keep Moving-We all know that everything under the sun plays on television during the holiday season,try to limit sitting for too long especially after a large meal! Instead play a game of trivia or charades with the whole family! It'll keep everyone from going into food coma and also stops the mind from being bored which causes over eating as well!

Tension Triggers-Some of us may have those family members that bicker no matter what but try to think of what triggers bickering and or arguments and try to avoid subjects that may start the tension!

        Don't Forget to Stay Calm and Breathe,this is a time of Togetherness,Warmth and Love!



  1. Great tips here! Holidays are fun but can also be stressful (especially if you're doing any hosting...!) so it's important to keep these healthy tips in mind.

    1. indeed! thanks for stopping by and the feedback!