Seasonal Produce Calendar!

Seeing as we're in the beginning of the New Year,let's take this time to get our New Years Resolutions and Goals in order. Here is a lengthy list of seasonal and locally grown produce in the southern california area! Don't be shy in 2016! Get to know your local farmer,they'll be more than happy to talk about their farm,it's also the perfect way to get to know where our food comes from which will ease our mind when it comes to eating it and feeding it to our families! Eating seasonally and locally has so many benefits for our health,environment and our wallets!! Shopping at your local Farmers Market is also a great way to introduce new foods,counting with money and nutrition to the kiddos! Just some food for thought when debating wether to ditch the checkout lines at the grocery store or shop in the sunshine! Let's Make 2016 a year our health will Thank us for!

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