Back To School Health Tips...

After months of staying up late,playing video games,watching TV and snacking on junk food,it can be a bit hard to transition back into a school routine. Here are a few tips to get back into the groove and improve health while focusing on their studies.

-Establish A New Sleep Routine: A week or two before starting school try going to bed an hour earlier and waking up an hour earlier. Studies show that children between the ages 3 and 5 need about 10 to 13hrs,ages 6 to 13 need 9-11hrs and teens 14yrs and older 8 to 10hrs of sleep a night. Be sure to keep all electronic devices away from children at night,the bright glare of from phones and tablets can disturb sleep cycles.

-Establish A New Meal Regime: During the summer there can be a lot of sugar soft drinks,hot dogs,pizza,s'mores etc,try to sit down with a list of healthy meal options to choose from and introduce more fruit to replace the processed sugar. Be sure to make water intake goals daily,that helps flush out their system of any processed toxins as well as 'awakens' the muscles and mind! Depending on the childs age,find out what lunch options your childs' school provides. Also create a habit of eating breakfast every morning before leaving for school,for children especially no matter their age,it IS the most important meal of their day!

-Get Into An Exercise Routine: At least one hour of physical exercise can help kids feel less stressed,feel better about themselves because of the release of their endorphins when the heart rate is up. Exercise will help their mind be alert,build muscle and strong bones as well as help with sleep at night.

-Introduce A Wall Calendar: Teaching our children time management is important and creates a less stressful and less chaotic environment,ultimately keeping their focus on their studies. Even if your child is very young having a wall calendar or wall planner with chores or play time scheduled is a way to introduce a time management habit.

School Time can be dreaded by kids but reminding them about how much fun it is to learn and socialize with their friends is key. Always encourage positive talk about when it comes to school and learning so that negative thoughts or feelings towards school can pass quickly and feel strong enough to solve any problems.


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