Mindful Exercises!

We all know and its been told to us many times how important mediation is to our wellbeing. To create space in our mind to process life and keep our mind and body balanced. 
We can also admit that we don't and or tell ourselves we don't have 30mins to meditate,sit silently and breathe in a class,that being said there are no longer any excuses with theses quick at home exercises we can do to practice mindfulness! 

-1 Minute Breathing: This exercise can be done anytime and anywhere,standing or sitting down! Focus on breathing for one solid minute,start off by breathing slowly in and out,inhale and hold for a 6 count then release the air slowly. Literally watch your breathe with your senses,focus on the air filling your lungs and released back into the atmosphere. 

-Mindful Observation: We can easily dismiss the natural beauty all around us as we zoom through our day. Focus on one natural organism,a flower,an insect,the clouds,the moon etc 
Don't do anything other than notice this one thing,really look at it as if you're seeing it for the first time in your life. Think about this one thing and its purpose in the world,it's role and connect with that. This may sound cheesy to you but once you allow yourself to be free and think freely,this exercise will be one of the most calming and humbling exercises. 

-Touch Points: Think of something that happens to us everyday,something that we may take for granted,like opening a door,starting up a computer,or resting on your bed every night. Simple things we take for granted that many people do not have,in that moment you are doing these simple things really think about how lucky you are to have a bed to sleep in or a brain that can help you use a computer or hands to turn a door knob. This can start a new way of thinking and being grateful for everything we have and notice less about the things we don't have. 

-A Game Of Fives: In this last mindfulness exercise,take time to notice five things that go unnoticed or unappreciated in your daily life. This can be anything you hear,smell,feel or see! If you hear birds outside your window in the morning,feel the water that washes your skin in the shower,a cool breeze while driving home from a long day at work. Take notice of five of these little things and acknowledge their purpose in your life. Ask yourself what would life be like if you didn't have these little things. 

By becoming mindful of who we are,what we are and how things have purpose,if any, and how it interacts with us keeps us centered and slows down our days and lives from just flying by us. In the hustle of bustle of everyday demands and expectations others put and or we put on ourselves,its nice to remind ourselves that we are living at this moment. 

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