Foods That Improve Blood Circulation!

Blood Circulation is vital to our body,blood has to flow to our heart,brain and the rest of our muscles but as we get older sometimes we become less active which can slow down our blood circulation or our eating habits change over the years and plaque can build up in our arteries,causing poor circulation. Here are a few super foods that we can incorporate into our diets to help improve our blood circulation! 

ORANGES- This golden little ball is packed with vitamin C,which is a natural blood thinner and is said to strengthen our capillary walls while preventing plaque build up. 

SUNFLOWER SEEDS- Sunflower seeds are known to be rich in vitamin E which can prevent blood clots from forming. Similar benefits from other foods like olives,pumpkin seeds and nuts!

GARLIC-Other foods in the bulb group like radishes and onions can also help with circulation and prevents plaque build up as well as cleansing the blood from toxins.

CAYENNE PEPPER- Wether a fresh pepper or a dried spice,cayenne pepper has been proven to increase metabolic rate and strengthen arteries! Its most effective when eaten raw,on a salad or juiced.

ROOT GINGER-There are so many ways to enjoy ginger root,hot tea,added into a recipe or eaten raw,it helps with nausea,digestion issues and guessed it circulation!

WATERMELON-Watermelons contain lycopene,which is a natural antioxidant,its actually a natural pigment (the reddish color) found in other foods such as grapefruits,tomatoes and apricots!

The list goes on and on,its amazing at how many delicious options to eat out there that is ALSO improving our overall health! Of course all of these foods are most effective when exercise is added into the mix! When our heart rate is up our blood is strongly circulating throughout our body! Exercise as simple as walking,heel toe lifts and swimming (the best exercise) can get our heart rate and energy levels up! Keeping us on the path to a balanced and health lifestyle! 

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