New Year Motivation Tips!

We've all done it,jumped on the healthy band wagon at the beginning of the New Year! Sometimes easy to start but hard to stick with! Here are some tips to motivate us to start and stick with it!

-Set small measurable goals.Try adding leafy greens to two meals a day and five servings of fruits/veggies and of course drink more water!

-Try new foods. Sticking to the same healthy meal will get boring after a while. Search for new recipes online,cookbook,magazines. There are so many out there! I personally like to follow healthy foodies on instagram and try their recipes or i'll find a new favorite veggie,spice etc and look up recipes that use them.

-Write it all down! Write down goals,feelings,exercise and food. It really helps keep track of everything and lets us check in with ourselves.

-Get enough sleep. Sleep and rest is key for sticking to goals. It keeps our energy levels up and makes forming habits more easier when our sleep is on a schedule!

-Keep healthy food choices on hand and stocked. Waiting til we're down to one apple makes it that much easier to reach for the chips in the pantry. Making the weekly trip to the local farmers market will be habit thats actually fun!

-Plan ahead. Grab a healthy snack for the road if you'll be out of the house for a few hours,that keeps the metabolism going and keeps you from feeling starved before the next meal. If you'll be going out to eat,try looking up the menu online beforehand so that you can make the healthier choice when at the restaurant.

-Team up. Find friends and family members that have the same goals as you. Having a support system is great to lean on when it feels like sabotage is around every corner.

- Don't get down on yourself. Slip ups happen,its life. Don't let set backs derail the goals you've set,move on and keep going!

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