Developing Healthy Habits for Kids!

Helping children develop healthy habits will have a very beneficial effect that can last a lifetime!
Here are some tips to help making those new adjustments into positive habits!

-Keep things positive. Kids normally don't respond well to words like "no" and "I can't" so try saying all the things they can do and eat. Praise success,this will help build a good body image.

-Make a game out of reading labels. Finding the ingredients and the terms that are healthy to eat compared to the ingredients that are not,can help them stay conscious of what it is that they're eating and make healthy decisions even when not at home.

-Limit TV,Computer and Video Game time. Lengthy periods of time in a zoned out state increases snacking. Shoot for a 2hrs a day max and by not rewarding more tv time for a job well done,reward in other ways.

-Be a role model,making healthy choices for yourself will be noticed by the kids. It will send a positive message and let them know that you,yourself,take health seriously.

-Be active,make physical activity a priority for the whole family. Try many different activities and see which one is liked the most.

-Stay involved,teach them how to read BMI and cholesterol levels and begin monitoring them and talk about family health issues,make family outings to farmers markets and local farms etc.

                                      Remember,Healthy Living Can Be Fun! Live Healthy Ever After!

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