Beat The Heat With Food!!

Heat is most likely going to be a reoccurring post for the next few weeks, lately this heat has seemed unbearable at times. Here a few simple ways to beat the heat with food!

Eat Light: Listening to our body in extreme heat is most important! Eating lighter meals throughout the day will keep our body temperature down and energy up. Try avoiding heavy meals and spicy food, which can raise our body temperature and make us sweat.

Eat Your Water: Staying hydrated is just as important, some people are not a big fan of water, try adding mint,cucumbers or fruit to your water for a slight "less boring" flavor. You can also eat your water by eating fruits and veggies such as watermelon,cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and raspberries!

Freeze Your Favorites: Throw in some freshly washed fruits into the freezer and snack on these tasty bites all day long! Keeping you cool,health and energized throughout your busy day.

Iced Green Tea: Enjoy your green tea on ice or through into the freezer for green tea Popsicles
 Don't forget to freeze your favorite smoothies as well!

Any type of citrus works wonders for cooling you down along with ginger and turmeric!

                                                             Keep Cool Out There!

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