Healthy Picnic Ideas!

With spring in full bloom we tend want to be outside enjoying the weather with friends and family more! Putting together a meal to be enjoyed in nature is a great way to unplug from the electronics and social media! Here are some great ideas to make your next picnic healthy and delicious!!

-Hummus and Pita chips! Mix things up with a healthy alternative to the usual potato chips,hummus and pita chips can be made at home or store bought! Many pita chips sold in store are made with olive oil instead of vegetable oil which is a healthier and more filling choice for the family.

-Fruit Skewers! This extremely easy to make and easy to eat snack is ideal for any dessert,not to mention the kiddos love anything sweet and can be finger food! Ex: Cantaloupe,melon,grapes,watermelon,strawberries,apples etc! 

-Chopped Veggies and Dip! Again back to the finger foods,so easy and inexpensive to put together! Check online for a homemade healthy dip,many dips sold in stores contain ingredients that aren't very healthy in order to preserve shelf life and of course all your favorite organic veggies can be found at your local farmers market! 

-Homemade Snack Mix-Nuts,pretzels and raisins can be put together by the kiddos,not only is it healthy but also a great way to get the kids excited to help with putting together the picnic!

-A Seasonal Salad. Again,all seasonal and organic veggies can be found at your local farmers market! Light salads with cucumber,avocado and caprese is a guilt free picnic meal and but cool enough for the warm weather!

-Flavored Water! The night before prepare and flavor water with mint leaves or berries,cucumbers and lemon for a refreshing alternative to those high sugar beverages!

Put em' all together in a picnic basket and don't forget the blanket! There you have it,an inexpensive family outing that is not only healthy but a free way to reconnect with each other and nature! 

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