A Few Good Reasons To Go Organic!

We hear or see the word Organic and immediately associate it with a higher price tag and then of course you'll hear from time to time,how important it is to eat organic food because its healthier but do we really know the reasons why eating organic and locally grown food is beneficial? Well here they are! These are just a few of the important reasons why we should all be eating organic and locally grown food!

-Organic Produce/Meat and Dairy have all been proven to use less energy,about 30 percent less! It is also beneficial to the lands soil,water,air and habitat as well as safer to those farmers that harvest our food!

-Organic Food some creature out of a sci-fi movie! Anytime poor science is involved,as in GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or chemicals,cloned food etc we should take notice! Only eleven years ago genetically modified food was not apart of our food supply! We and our kids and their kids are not and should not be a science experiment!

-Organic farming would eliminate farming pollution! Industrial agriculture doesn't just pollute farmers and the farmland but the surrounding land with odorless and invisible poisons! Synthetic fertilizers drift downstream and eventually end up in the ocean,creating dead zones in our oceans!

-Organic Food,It Just Tastes Better! Its been proven that organic fruit is sweeter and higher in antioxidants! When grown in the environment that is in harmony and not in chaos by forgein chemicals and synthetic soils,all produce will be at maximum taste and nutrients!

-Organic Food,protects us and future generations! Remember when certain industrial and agriculture chemicals are deemed "safe" they are at levels for adults not children! Many studies show that pesticides effect the nervous system and increase the risk of cancer.

Now,organic farming is not the most efficient,its slower,more labor intense and complex but its so worth the idea of a sustainable way of living for us and future loved ones! One small thing like eating organic will have the biggest impact on our lives! With a higher demand by us,the consumers,the more the cost of buying organic food will decrease add that to saving the enviroment and our loved ones future,i'd say purchasing organic food is a lot like being a super hero!

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