The Benefits of Summer Camp!

School is out for the summer and many kids are kept busy by video games and television but there are other ways kids can keep busy while learning and making new friends! SUMMER CAMP! Not all camps are created equal,finding the right summer camp for your child based on their interests is important,there are science camps,agriculture camps,theatre camps,music camps but whichever one you choose,camp can really instill life long lessons that they can use even well into adulthood! Here are a few reasons summer camp can be beneficial for children!

- At camp,kids learn team work! Working together for something bigger than themselves and each person on the team contributing at the same time to accomplish the task at hand can be empowering for children. It takes them out of a child's way of thinking which can be "me,me,me" and get their mind thinking in terms of "us."

-The camp environment teaches a child resilience! A child's confidence builds after completing an impossible task after they have failed several times but are told to continue trying,many exercises at camp demonstrate just that!

-Camp teaches children to make their own decisions! Being away from their parents can be difficult in the beginning,even if it is just an all day camp and the child gets to go home at the end of each day or a child is miles and miles away from their parent,they learn to make choices and decisions for themselves.  Which in turn teaches a child independence and self reliance.

-Camp sets up a safe environment to try new things! Camp can take a child out of their comfort zone and ultimately helps with the child's growth and confidence. We know that when a child accepts comfortable situations the child can become limited in their flexibility,courage,confidence and understanding. Camp presents different and new situations to help build new strengths. If camp is too costly look for local programs that mimic the same type of situations and character building. Introducing your child to new friends from different cultures and backgrounds also teaches tolerance and acceptance!

Whichever camp or local summer program you decide to enroll your child in remember it will be well worth your energy and your investment!

Looking for a camp in the Inland Empire that focuses on healthy living,eating and farming while instilling the character building camp fundamentals?

                                 Check out WWW.HERITAGECAMPLIFE.ORG
        The final camp week will be held at Cal Poly Pomona from July 20th-25th 2015

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  1. I guess benefits of summer camps are countless. We and our children can learn many things from these camps.