Why Eat More Leafy Greens?

Not many foods can compare to the high nutritional value that leafy greens have. Not only are leafy greens high in antioxidants and helps with fighting many diseases but they are also extremely affordable,delicious and easy to cook!

Here's a list of the benefits for some of common leafy greens!

-Excellent source of vitamin A,C and K!
-High in Calcium (for a vegetable)
-Great source of Potassium

-13 different types of antioxidants can be found in swiss chard!
-Great source of vitamin E,potassium and magnesium
-Contains vitamin A,C and K

-Helps to protect the digestive tract lining from damage,especially with damage due to inflammation!
-Contains Vitamin C

-Contains Zinc,Folate and Vitamin B6!
-Promotes eye health because its high in Lutien!

Many people love the bitterness of leafy greens paired with rich meaty main dish but for the picky eaters there's a way to temper the bitterness,just add sweet golden raisins,roasted pine nuts or sesame seeds!
Also detaching some of the leaves from main stalk stem can help reduce the bitterness. The stalk stems can be tossed,used for a broth or cut up into bite size pieces and sauteed for 5mins before adding the rest of the greens into the pan!

                                         It's all about the 50 Shades of Green!!!
Some researchers have found that our ancestors used to eat up to six pounds of greens everyday...there's some food for thought!

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