Tips How To Build A Positive Body Image!

We all experience bad body image days,it can sometimes really affect the our mood and also our social life! Here are just a few tips to help build a Positive body image and or help reduce the stress when those feelings are coming on.

1.) Realize that its what's on the inside that counts! As cliche as that may sound it is simple and true! And anyone in your life that chooses to judge you based on looks and not personality is not worth bothering with. In time when little victories are won,like self acceptance,the idea that ALL things can be solved will really ring true!

2.) Know that everyone experiences and feels negatively about their body image at one point or another! We tend to forget that we're ALL human and not perfect!!

3.) Do not compare yourself to anyone else! You are who you are and that great! Confidence goes a looong way!

4.)Smile! Smiling helps release chemicals in our body that increase cell reproduction,meaning it creates more energy throughout the day!

5.) Exercise! It not only helps us feel and become healthier,it also release happy endorphins which makes us feel good!

6.) Make a list! List all of the traits you love about yourself,non body related! There are so many reasons to love you and to love yourself!

7.)Talk to Someone! Being honest with a close friend and or family member about how you're feeling is a great way to release any negative emotions! Sometimes a good cry helps as well. Bottling up negative emotions can cause strain on our health and continue a vicious cycle of self hate.

                                                    Remember,Be Your Own Hero!!
                                       You're One Of A Kind,That's Amazing In Itself!!

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