Health Benefits of Olive Oil!

Many people are making the switch to olive oil when cooking and also when dressing up their salads because of the health benefits from Olive Oil! Here a just a few benefits from the little but might olive branch!

-Olive oil is the good kind of fat. It is a monounsaturated fat which is essential for our body. We tend to believe high in fat is unhealthy but actually a diet in highly saturated fat is what makes fat unhealthy! But of course all in moderation when in comes to anything in our daily intake.

-They help control cholesterol and insulin levels in the body.

-Researchers have found that extra virgin olive oil shows signs of improved cognitive function.Simple terms its great for our brain and improves memory!

-The same antioxidants that olive oil has that heals our internal cells may help protect our outer layer.

Side note: Some olive oil might not be 'extra virgin' as it is claimed to be in grocery stores,unfortunately america does not have strict laws regarding labeling certain foods. Your best bet when shopping for olive oil is to purchase from a company specializing in olive oil. 1 bottle can last up to a whole year,nutrient wise not necessarily serving wise! Another tip when buy authentic,extra virgin olive oil be sure the bottle is a dark green bottle,the nutrients and antioxidants can escape when exposed to the sun. Be sure to store the bottle away from direct sunlight as well!

Check out and talk to the olive oil vendor/expert at Fridays Farmers Market,10-2pm at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga! 

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