10 Great Ways to Cook KALE!

Many people hear about the amazing benefits of Kale but not everyone knows the many ways of cooking kale so here are just a few simple ways to eat and enjoy kale!

-Kale Chips,there are some really delicious recipes out there online for this simple and tasty snack!

-Kale Quiche,by substituting spinach with kale,same great taste and even more health benefits.

-Kale Juice,one of the healthiest ways to eat kale is by juicing it,if you own a juicer just mix the kale with a few apples,lemon and carrots for a sweet and healthy treat.

-Kale slaw,another substitute recipe,just replace the raw cabbage with raw kale.

-Sauteed Kale,saute yellow onions and garlic before adding the kale. Perfect for a hearty side dish!

-Kale pizza,sauteed kale with caramelized onions,strong white cheeses and bacon *optional*

-Kale pesto,just as delicious as basil,perfect for any pizza or omelette!

These are just a few of the possibilities,feel free to share with us your favorite Kale recipe!!

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