4 Week Soda Detox!

We all know soda isn't healthy for us or our families but quitting it can be a bit difficult. Here is an easy 4 week detox program that helps with quitting this beverage.

WEEK 1: Make the switch from regular soda to diet soda (just for one week) If you already drink diet soda try drinking one can less than you'd normally drink,a day.
The sugar content in one regular soda is through the roof! 

WEEK 2: Remember caffeine is a main ingredient,so caffeine withdrawals can be unpleasant,tough it out and try taking ibuprofen. Also foods with high levels of vitamin B such as chickpeas,spinach and whole-grain cereal can be added to your diet to help with the caffeine withdrawals.
This week you can switch to DIET and CAFFEINE sodas only.

WEEK 3: Whatever amount of soda you're drinking now,week 3,cut it in half. As you cut your soda intake in half you'll find other fizzy drinks to have,try carbonated water with a splash of juice or coconut water.

WEEK 4: No more soda at all,diet or caffeine doesn't matter its all no more! If you have a strong craving for a soda or maybe fixating on drinking one,try chewing sugar free gum or distract yourself.



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