10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow for Beginners!

Planting your own garden can be intimidating,start off your future plush garden with these 10 easy vegetables to grow! 

1.)Lettuce:Head lettuce,leaf lettuce and arugula lettuce can be planted every two weeks until the first frost.
2.)Cucumbers:Its a great veggie for a late crop!

3.)Spinach:Another great veggies for your spring or fall garden,you can pick it and they will continuously grow. 

4.)Basil:Basil is an essential herb when cooking and soo easy to grow! They're able to be planted in sunny window or in pots outside.

5.)Carrots:The nice thing about carrots,if they're planted in fall they're ok with being harvested early as baby carrots.

6.)Kale:One of the easiest vegetables to grow,it can handle warm temperatures but thrives in cooler weather. Kale can be planted in spring or fall but can actually handle a first frost,the taste maybe a bit sweet.

7.)Green Beans:"Pole" beans are easiest to manage although they do need a trellis.

8.)Radishes:You can direct plant the seeds during spring or fall.

9.)Summer Squash:Besides being so fast and easy to grow,you wont need to plant many of them.

10.)Peas:Another vegetable that can handle warm temperatures but do best in cooler weather.

Happy Planting and Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor!!!

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