Where's the Beef?

We're OVER THE MOON to finally offer Grass Fed Beef at the Heritage Farmer's Market at Victoria Gardens every Friday from 10 am - 2 pm. Real Country Meat will be providing the FRESHEST selections of beef. Come support & show them that we appreciate them bringing good cuts of meat to Rancho Cucamonga!

Real Country Meat is a family owned business, raising cattle locally in Apple Valley, CA. We have been raising cattle for 8 years and would now like to offer the community the opportunity to a healthier way of eating. We provide sustainable agricultural grass fed and grass finished Black Angus Beef. No corn or animal by-products have been used. That means No GMOs. We DO NOT pump our Angus with hormones or growth additives. Our cattle are raised in a humane and non-stressful environment. All of our meat is 100% USDA approved.

Real Country Meat strives to give every family the ability to have grass fed Angus Beef without having to invest in a large freezer. We will be selling individual cuts that are vacuum sealed in USDA approved packaging starting February 6th at the Victorville Farmer's Market

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