Broccoli City has the perfect gift for you!

Our friends over at Broccoli City is happy to announce a partnership with Gather Green to provide food lovers with an incredible one year healthy dining membership with for just $15 (A value of $25)! This one-time membership deal will start the morning of 12/19 and run until midnight 12/22. Membership provides unlimited access to exclusive deals and incentives with hundreds of veggie-friendly restaurants, stores and vendors in LA and across the nation. This means a discount every time you dine, which can be used over and over all year long when you use your membership card. In addition to this VIP experience, Green Menu acts as a guide to the healthiest and greenest options available.
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The Amenities:
* 10-25% off meals and products at vegetarian restaurants, vendors and stores
* Can be used at more than 400 participating businesses nationwide
* Free cooking classes and events
The Specifics:
* Limit 1 voucher per household
* Membership is valid for 12 months from activation
* Green Menu card will be processed and mailed out 7 business days after your activation
* Discount apportioned among all items purchased. No item provided free
* Valid for membership renewals
* For questions please email
Facebook Fans Praise Green Menu Between Bites
“The Green Menu website is awesome! Very user friendly. It’s easy to browse different restaurants and find new places to go.” ~ Kelli Ryder
“I recently joined Green Menu and I am very pleased and so glad that I get to know this organization! I just want to thank all of you at Green Menu for all the hard work because I was very surprised by how promptly and organized the process was to get my card. From the time when I submit the application to the email that I received telling me I will be receiving my card soon and to the time I received it. The process was very smooth and fast! Thank you all for your detailed hardwork! I am very excited to get to know the veggie restaurant around my area!” ~ Tracy Chang
Did You Know?
It’s a common misconception that eating vegetarian food is challenging.
In addition to endless home cooked options, it is quite easy to find meatless
meals at restaurants, and the options are much more exciting than salad and
veggie burgers. Almost any ethnic eatery will have vegetable-based dishes, especially
Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Ethiopian. That’s because the
countries these cuisines originate from place an emphasis on vegetarianism for
reasons of health, religion, spirituality, nonviolence and economics.
Currently, members find out where they can use their culinary card via a downloadable PDF or the website, and this fall Green Menu will be on Apple iOS devices and Android devices to make it even easier and faster to find delicious bargains.
As you can see, membership has its privileges!

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