How is your heart?

We're asking because we care! The Heritage Certified Farmer's Market was created to bring you fresh and organic produce, but to also provide education on healthy eating and living. We are by no means experts, but we love sharing great information that will save lives. Please feel free to stop by our information table at the market and grab some of the literature on our table and please read the article below for more information on how to keep your heart healthy.

22 Heart Smart foods   - By now you know that eating too much fat can clog your arteries. But did you realize that some foods can actually help clear arteries, lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure? And there's a whole lot more out there besides oat bran. You may be surprised to learn that a handful of peanuts, a cup of tea and a piece of rich chocolate all contain substances that may help reduce the risk factors for heart disease, the number-one killer of women. Making the 22 foods below part of your regular diet can do wonders for your heart. So get started on the road to good heart health - you'll love every bite. 

Heart Smart Foods:

Almonds, apples, beans, corn, garlic, grapefruit, oats, olive oil, onions, oranges, rice, salmon, soy, spinach, tea, tomato and more HERE!

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