Autumn Wellness Tips!

With the leaves changing their colors and the weather getting colder our body sometimes needs a boost to adjust the seasonal change! We've put together a list of a few helpful tips when dealing with the new time and season change!

Buy in-season food. Beets, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, kale, pumpkin, broths, roasted squash, roots and sautéed dark leafy greens are all great choices. Also trying new recipes if you love to cook, if you're not the most knowledgeable in the kitchen, challange yourself to learn how to cook, you'll be shocked by how much money you'll save and you'll really taste the difference and may drastically cut back on fast/ processed food!

Moisturize your skin. Harsh temperatures can make your skin dry. Seek out natural products, natural oils like olive oil and coconut oil work great for dry skin!  Also, you still should be wearing sunscreen.

Make some plans for the cold months. In the winter, we tend to hibernate if we don’t have things to keep us busy. Try to avoid alcohol, it's an easy go to when it's cold out but it can reek havoc on our skin and daily routines! 

Get yourself ready for Daylight Savings Time. Go to bed earlier when you can, especially the week before the clocks change. Longer periods of darkness = longer periods of sleep! Try to set your time to meditate just before bed to relax your mind and body, aroma therapy helps with the calming process! 

Take some time to yourself. Autumn and winter are the Earth’s way of telling us to slow down. Start a journal or track your moods to get more in touch with how your feeling, looking back through the journal you can see where or why you maybe feeling a certain way. Was it lack of sleep, lack of energy, not enough quiet time etc

Do some “spring cleaning” in the fall. Clean out your closet, organize that back room, and rid yourself of things you don’t need. De-cluttering our surroundings helps clear our mind and keeps us focused on what we have to remember throughout our day! 

Get some books to read and shows to watch. Who doesn’t want to sit by the fire on chilly winter nights and read a good book or binge-watch some Netflix? Self help or insightful docs kind of feel guilt free to binge on ;)

Prepare your home for possible extreme weather conditions. Do you have a a roof that needs tending to before a rainy week? Do your flashlights have batteries? Is your heat working okay? Essential supplies in case of an earthquake?

Of course there are a ton of other great things that can keep you organized, prepared, stress free and entertained this fall! Share with us your favorite tips!

Happy Autumn! 

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