Healthy Back To School Lunches!

It's that time of year again, back to school time! Some parents find relief from the summer days of trying to keep the kids entertained and busy while most kids are slowly warming up to the idea of waking up early and getting back on a routine! There will be a full year of tests, plays, games, studying and homework that we and the kids forget all about nutrition during school, here are a easy way and guide to help your student stay focused and full!

Always remember the formula is simple when preparing our guiding your child to prepare their own lunch the night before or early that morning.

Protein- beans, chickpeas, tempeh, grilled chicken, baked eggs, hard boiled and fish are great sources of protein and keeping energy levels up.

Carbohydrates- 1 to 2 servings of  healthy carbs is a nice balance, so things to pack would be fruit, rice, whole grain pasta, corn, quinoa and sweet potatoes are easy to burn off throughout the day and sustaining those energy levels without a crash aka the "I need a nap" feeling after a meal.

Healthy Fats- avocados, nuts, seeds even homemade salad dressings!

Veggies! Raw, steamed or roasted, they are alllll friends to our body!

Hydration- so herbal tea, water, infused water is really popular so if your child is a bit older and on social media chances are they will post about their homemade infused water while also getting in their daily intake of water! like for like on that one!

                                               DON'T FORGET THE SNACKS!

Before your child runs for those vending machines filled with junk food, try coming up with healthy snacks together!
-Homemade trail mixes
-fresh fruit
-dried fruit
-green juices
-coconut water
-homemade bars

The possibilities are endless when it comes to healthy meal prep and its also a great way to bond, cooking and or preparing food together is something that all families from all different backgrounds have in common! It's a shared memory and creates a safe space to talk or check in with one another!

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