May is for Mental Health!

The month of May is now a nationally recognized awareness month for Mental Health! Our minds are so important and key to our health! Our mental health influences how we think,feel and behave in our daily life it also effects out ability to handle stress. To keep ourselves in balanced and in tune with how we think and feel,let's take some time and apply these tips to boost our mental well being!

1.Make social connections! Especially face to face! We are all human with emotions,making time to connect and spend time with people is important. The excitement of making a connection with a new friend or venting/laughing with a trusted friend keeps our minds in tune with what we're feeling.

2.Staying Active! Keeping active is not just beneficial for our bodies but necessary for keeping our minds health and sharp.

3. Keep Stress Levels in Check! Take up a relaxation practice or zone in on your senses,aromatherapy is always a great way to relax. Or cue up your favorite song! Make time for fun and leisure,call up that friend and check out a comedy show!

4.Eat a Brain Healthy Diet! By avoiding foods like caffeine,alcohol,fried foods,sugary snack ans refined carbs like white rice and opt for foods that boost better moods such as avocados,black beans,leafy greens and fresh fruits!!

5.Sleep Sleep Sleep! Getting at least 7-9 hrs of sleep sounds impossible to us sometimes but it is a must!! Skipping a few hours here and there can really take a toll on our moods,mind and bodies! If anxiety or worries cloud your thoughts when its time to go to bed,try looking up ways or seek help/classes that deal with worrying.

There are truly so many ways we can improve our lives daily that are simple and not costly! Self care is the cheapest form of health care we have,let's stay focused on the positive and pay attention to when we need to help. There should never be a stigma attached to wanting to better our mental health!

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