Life Hacks to Improve Our Health!

We all can agree life as we know it,can be crazy and stressful,we sometimes wish things were a little easier at times. Why not apply a few of these life hacks to improve our health! The things we can help and improve in our daily routine will help us make big changes in our lives!

1. Early Riser (well by just a few minutes) Setting the alarm clock 5 to 10 minutes earlier does a world of wonder for the rest of your day,not feeling rushed starts our day off on a calm foot. Rather than jumping head first into the day,take a deep breathe to mentally prepare!

2. Keep Moving! Staying on our feet will keep the circulation going throughout our body and keeps the oxygen flowing to our brain making us less sleepy throughout the day! Walking might not seem like a big deal but the results add up and make a significant difference in our day,if possible get a standing desk to work from!

3.Take Vitamins and Honey! Vitamin B,B12,B6 and Vitamin C really help with staying healthy and if allergies are getting you down during the spring time,eat some local honey! Honey soothes the allergies and in time helps to become less sensitive to the allergens around us!

4.Breakfast IS the most important meal of the Day! Planning a healthy breakfast usually helps keep us on track throughout the rest of the day. When we start our day off with nothing or something not so healthy we tend to give into instant cravings,aka sugar!

5.Getting Those Greens In! Eating greens will improve skin,health and mood! Keeps energy levels up and keeps our acidic levels down! Pile them on!

6.Be Mindful! Even our thoughts have an impact on our day,if we adopt a way of thinking that is uplifting to ourselves,it can be a pep talk or a few throughout the day or just a positive image of future self can really keep us focused on the present goals and tasks at hand! Also taking quiet time to reflect and filter out the positive and negative thoughts is a must!

7. Power Nap! Whenever possible take 15 to 20 min naps,most times we wont fall into a deep sleep but just stopping,closing our eyes can help us have more clarity!

8.Meal Planning! Being prepared to take on the day really alleviate the daily decision making of "do I eat out or eat healthy."

9. Sleeeeep!! Make sleep a priority! Keeping a clear mind will have us sharp when we need to make quick decisions in our day!

10. Hydrate! Let's keep our skin glowing,our organs moving,our appetites down and mind functioning with WATER!! Adding an extra glass of water to our 8 glasses will really keep us going in the warm days!!

Let's keep the want for better health at the front focus and continue improving ourselves!!

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