Get Your Health on the Nice List this Holiday!

We all know the holiday season is nothing short of chaos,here are a few tips to keep our health on the Nice List this year!! 

Lack of Sleep is a big cause for mood swings,loss of alertness and can lead to heart disease! Try to sneak in naps and create a routine before going to sleep so your mind automatically knows when its going time for bed. Also,try to keep phones and tablets away from your bed.

Stress is another health NO NO! Easier said than done but managing stress with daily exercise and meditation makes a world of difference! Avoiding alcohol is another way to lessen the stress,we see it all over tv and in movies,how alcohol helps relax us but actually it is a depressant. Try to out different teas,most teas have wonderful health benefits with antioxidants!

Exercise is one of those things we tend to put last on our to-do list! Make time to walk,run,just get active! Getting our heart rates up works wonders for our health and release the happy hormone which can make stress management that much easier! If you work in a job that requires you to sit down,try to get on your feet as much as possible. 

Diet,little snacks here and there or grabbing a quick bite to eat in between shopping runs is all too familiar which leads to the holiday weight gain! If we prepare for a long day of shopping by packing almonds,fruit or anything thats quick and healthy will keep us fueled and ready to go during the season! Also try to prepare dinners ahead of time so when you're done you can go home and warm up your prepared dinner instead of ordering that last minute pizza! Your waist and wallet will thank you! 

With a little preparing and mindfulness,the holiday season will be a breeze and actually enjoyable all month long!!! 

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