Fight Holiday Stress!


The Holidays,the most wonderful time of the year but we always don't feel so wonderful during all the hustle and bustle of the season,here are a few tips to keep healthy and happy this year!
          -Eat more citrus,not only does it boost the immune system the scent is known to have amazing health benefits as well. The scent of citrus can alleviate stress,so for an all day pick me up try keeping lemon or orange oils nearby.
          -Walking,a great way to reduce anxiety,improves sleep and wellness.
          -Take the time to breathe,it maybe hard to do at time but really taking the time to stop and focus on your breathing as well as reminding ourselves that the world will NOT end if something doesn't get done.
          -Meal prep,snacks or meals its best to think and pack ahead of time,saves on time as well as gives us the chance to make health food choices while on the go.
          -Honey,a spoonful of honey is an instant energy booster,organic locally grown honey has the highest health benefits for our bodies.
          -Breakfast,eating breakfast regularly keeps energy,alertness and our immune system up.PS coffee does not count as breakfast! (But it pairs well with it)
          -Sunlight,a wonderful source of vitamin D and an all natural mood booster! Taking walks in the sunshine or sitting in a sunny window while working is just one a few ways to get your daily intake of sunlight!

                                        Stay HEALTHY and HAPPY this Holiday season!

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